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Reitz High School
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Student Google Doc sharing? My Google Drive is Out of Control!

Is your Google drive out of control because of your students sharing assignments and documents with you at an alarming rate?  Are you having difficulty keeping all of these things organized?  Well here are a few easy steps that will help you with these issues.

  1. Create folders for each class or subject that you teach.  For example, name a folder Period 1 or English Class.
  2. Have your students create a folder in their drive and have them name it using their first and last name.  
  3. Have your students share that folder with you.
  4. These folders will show up in "Shared with me" in your drive.
  5. Highlight all of the student folders that were just shared by clicking on the first one and then while holding down the shift key, click on the last one. This should highlight the entire list for you.
  6. Right click in the highlighted area and select "add to my drive."
  7. The shared student folders will now show up under "My drive."  You no longer need to go to "Shared With Me" to see them anymore.
  8.  Now drag each of students' folders into the correct Period or class folder that you created in step 1.
Once you have completed these 8 steps, you will now have a shared folder with student names, they will be organized in the correct class/period that you have them.  Students will no longer need to share each and every assignment with you.  They only need to either ,create the assignment inside of the shared folder, or drag the assignment into the shared folder on their drive.  It will  then automatically be shared with you because it is in the already shared folder.  You can have them title each document the name of the assignment.  Now when you view each students' folder, you will see a list of docs with the assignment names.

If students forget to type their names on the actual assignment, you will still be able to tell who's paper it is because it will be in the shared folder with the student's name on it. This will also eliminate all of those crazy emails inviting you to see the shared document/assignment.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via email.  I hope you found this helpful. 

My next blog post will be about creating Google forms to use for assessments.   I will talk about the best way to share those "live forms" with your students plus how to install Flubaroo and what it can do.