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Reitz High School
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Yikes! Where is the Flubaroo Script in Google Forms?

Never fear, Flubaroo is still here.  If you are used to inserting a script in a Google form, things have changed.   Script is no longer an option in the Insert dropdown menu.  Instead Flubaroo is now and add-on.  Here are some easy steps to install Flubaroo in the new version of Google Forms/Sheets.

1.     Go to the Add-ons drop down menu and choose Get add-ons.
2.     You will get a box with add on in it.  In the search box, type in Flubaroo and hit enter.
3.     It should come right up.  Click the blue +FREE button.
4.     You may get a pop-up blocker.  Make  sure you unblock popups for Google Apps.
5.     You will now get a box with a blue Accept button at the bottom.  Click accept.
6.     Flubaroo now appears in your addons dropdown menu.
7.     Click on Flubaroo in the dropdown and choose grade assignment.  Make sure you have submitted a response to use as the answer key.
8.     You then can assign the number of points per question, if you wish.
9.     Here you will also choose the blanks/questions that identify the name of the students.
10.  Click continue when done with steps 8 and 9.
11.  Select which submission is the answer key and click continue.
12.  It will now grade your assignment/test
13.  A new sheet/tab will be created with all of the graded information.

Reminder, you will not have to add this add-on to each assignment/form that you want to use it with.  From now on, it should be in each form you create.


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