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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Do You Thing Link?

I want to introduce you to an awesome tool called Thinglink.  ThingLink has developed tools for image interaction that allow content sharing via online images. ThingLink technology changes how people engage with photos by transforming them from a static image, into a navigational surface for exploring rich, relevant content that enhances the viewer’s knowledge and experience.  ThingLink is helping define pop culture with a transformational, engaging, adoptable, and viral media/content serving format.  Here is the link to the Thinglink site:

My good friend and colleague, Tim Wilhelmus and I share this tool in our workshop titled 10 Teacher Friendly Tools to Unleash Creativity.  I will be sharing more of those tools, as well as, tools that I have picked up from recent conferences that I have attended.  This tool is one of my favorites.  Tim put together a screencast below and below that created an example of an interactive picture created with Thinglink.  At the end of this post, I have 10 suggestions that a teacher could use Thinglink in the classroom.

 Here is a screencast explaining how to create a Thinglink

Here is an example of an interactive Thinglink

Ways to Use Thinglink in your Classroom

  1. Have students illustrate their research about a local landmark. Have them take a picture of that landmark and then link buttons on the thinglink map to find more information about the the site.
  2. Have students illustrate the events of a story on a thinglink map in conjunction with Google Earth images (which could also be thinglinks).
  3. Have students create autobiographical thinglinks using photos of themselves that they have created with
  4. Have students define a word or concept by linking to examples on the web.
  5. Have students create a call-to-action persuasive thinglink that links to evidence for the student’s claim.
  6. Have students demonstrate a process by using a multi-panel image.
  7. Have students create character analyses of major characters or historical figures.
  8. Have students sell a product by creating an interactive image for that product.
  9. Have students explain artistic technique and design concepts through a thinglink of a famous work of art.
  10. Have students create a thinglink that will be the focus of a Show and Tell activity.

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