Reitz High School

Reitz High School
Evansville, IN

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Live Life Without Regrets

The other day I read about the coolest illustration.  I have seen variations of this before, but it reminded me to keep my priorities straight.  It starts out with a large sized empty jar, like the one you see here.

A teacher asked the class if the jar was empty and everyone agreed that it was.  The teacher then put as many golf balls in the jar as possible.  The class was asked if the jar was full.  Many students said "Yes!" and responded that is was full.

The teacher then poured some pebbles, that you might find in a fish tank, into the jar.  The pebbles went down into the jar, filling up the spaces in between the golf balls.  Obviously, there was room for a bit more and the jar was not full with just the golf balls in it.  The teacher then asked the class if they thought the jar was full now?  Again, most of the class responded that it was now full.

The teacher then poured some sand into the jar.  Again, the sand was able to fill in even smaller spaces between the rocks and the golf balls.  The teacher then asked the students if they believed the jar was finally full?  Believing that no more could possibly go in, all but a couple students raised their hands and said the jar was now full.

Lastly, the teacher got out a couple of drinks and poured the liquid into the jar.  Amazed that the jar could still actually hold more, the students watched as the liquid seeped down into the rocks and sand filling in all the spaces in between.  The jar was finally at capacity.

The teacher then gave the students a life lesson.  The golf balls represent the important things in your life, such as making time for your children, going to their activities, talking with them, playing a game with them, making time for your spouse, let them know everyday that you love them and that they are important to you.  They could also represent your friends and building life long relationships with them.  You should tale the time to call them, see them, and give them a hand when they are in need.  The golf balls also represent taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and pursuing the things you are passionate about.

The fish tank rocks represent the second round of important things such as your job, car, and house.  These things are important, but can be changed or replaced, unlike the first category of important things.

The sand represents the small stuff.  The teacher emphasized that if the jar was filled with the sand first, then the golf balls and the the rocks would not have been able to fit in the jar.

If you spend your life sweating, worrying about, and consumed by all the small stuff, then you will never have the time for the things that matter to you the most.  Spend time the with the people that matter most in your life.  Go to your children's baseball games and dance recitals.  Take your spouse out to dinner or for a walk in the park.  Call your parents on a Sunday afternoon to see how they are doing.  Make a date with friends on a regular basis and spend time together.  The housework and the lawn will always be there.  Live your life without any regrets before it is too late.  Don't come to the end of the line and say "I wish I would have done this or that."  Do it now!

Finally, the liquid represents, that no matter how full your life is, you should always make time to stop what you are doing and have a couple of drinks with friends and or your family members.  Now that is something to think about!