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Reitz High School
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cloud Storage and File Sharing

If you work with the same files in multiple places it can be a big hassle.  Now, there are several online file storage and syncing services that will make your files available from just about anywhere.  Cloud storage is gaining popularity and is in high demand.  It seems that everyone wants access to their files from every device they own, at any given time, and from every place they go.  We want to share our files with others, but some files are just too big to send via email and not all devices accept a flash drive.  Now what?  In today’s challenge we are going to look at some great methods to store and share those large files so that you have easy access to them wherever  and whenever you have Internet access.


My personal favorite and the one that is most widely used is Dropbox.  Their motto is “Your Stuff, Anywhere.”  It is a force to be reckoned with in the online file storage world.  You start off with 2GB of free storage just for signing up and can get bonuses for referring friends to sign up.  Dropbox will even deliver your files to you on your Mac, Windows, Linux system, BlackBerry, iOS, or Android device.  This is a great way to store and share those photo files that you want your friends and family to see.  It works just like a folder or drive that you have currently on your computer.
Here is how you do it.  Go to and sign up.  You will need a valid email address and create a password.

Once you have created your account you will receive an email that includes a button to install dropbox on your Mac or PC.

Once installed you can manage your files via your computer or the web.  The web version will appear like this.

 From here you can upload files, create new folders, create shared folders, and delete files and folders.  To use on portable devices you will need to download the free app.  It is very user friendly and I highly recommend it. starts you off with 5GB for free. You can install the Box Sync app to sync your files with the web, and install the mobile apps to get access to your files on your iOS, Android, and Blackberry Devices.  Or you can upload your files to your account and access them via the Internet.  You can also combine Box’s content management and administrative capabilities with Google Docs’ real-time collaboration tools.  You can create Google Docs and Spreadsheets in Box. You can share with Box so others can view and edit.  You can also edit with Google’s real-time technology in Box


SkyDrive is integrated with Windows, specifically Windows 8 for desktops and tablets.  It will also work with Mac.  If you use Office 2013, then using SkyDrive as cloud storage for all of your files is a great choice. SkyDrive also has mobile apps for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, so you can access files on the go, when you have an internet connection. When you sign up you get 7GB of storage and 10 GB if you are a student. Skydrive has been praised for its Microsoft integration, especially with Office, Windows, and its third party app support.

Google Drive

If you are a big user of Google Apps, you probably already know about Google Drive.  They give you a 15GB limit.  It makes sense to use Google Drive for file storage if you love Google Doc/Apps.  It’s available for OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android.

My Big Campus

My Big Campus now has a drive, formerly “your stuff”.  It has an unlimited GB which is very appealing.  They have now set it up where you can add folders, as well as, the labels.  To share with others, you can simply create a bundle and add collaborators.