Reitz High School

Reitz High School
Evansville, IN

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 of 10 Essential Qualities of an eLearning Coach

The 5th Essential quality is the ability to be a good motivator.  The word motivate, by definition, means to provide with incentive; move to action.  This means that the coach must provide teachers with a reason to work harder and to their full potential.   As a leader, the coach is responsible for motivating and inspiring teachers to get as excited as they do about using technology effectively in the classroom.

How is this motivation achieved?  How do we get teachers fired up and excited about utilizing technology?  Provide positive feedback and encouragement.  Spotlight teachers that are trying or experiencing some success.   Find something that has impressed you and be genuine about it, even if it is something small or simple and let them know that they are doing it well.   Show and tell their victories to the other teachers at a faculty meeting or assembly.  Let the principal know and have them get in on the praising session.  When other teachers see them getting excited and finding success in the classroom, they will want a piece of that as well.

A little recognition can go a long way.  It can really help teachers feel good about what they are doing and improve the overall morale of the faculty.  When this happens, you will have everyone wanting to buy in and incorporate some technology in their classrooms.  Taking the time to make a big deal out of the small things will do wonders for teachers' attitudes.  When they believe that you really care about them and want them to have great experiences in their classrooms, they will want to do more.

Take the time to listen.  Remember listening is half the job of being a good communicator.  It also is another way to show that you care and can increase motivation.  When teachers experience frustration with a device, the network, or user/student errors it can cause them to give up quickly.  I am not talking about chronic complainers or naysayers here, I mean those that have really tried and the lesson was a bomb.  Carefully listen to them.  That alone can help ease their frustration.  Reassure them that sometimes it happens, they are not alone, and next time it will go better. 

These tips  can help any eLearning coach or leader become a good motivator.  This isn't rocket science.  What motivates you?  What makes you want to do a better job?  Take those ideas and turn them into reality with those you are leading.  It will make a huge difference and we all still want to make a difference don't we?