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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Want to Play a Photostory .wmv on a Mac?

If you have ever created a .wmv file by using Photostory for Windows and tried to play it on a Mac, then you probably know that it won’t work.  A .wmv is a Windows Movie File that will not run with Mac’s QuickTime player unless you have installed a plugin called Flip4mac.  This is a free download and will enable most .wmv files to be played using QuickTime.  Now, I said “most” because it still will not play the .wmv files created with the Photostory program.  Even if you take the .wmv file and convert it to a .mov or an .mp4 file on a site such as, it still will not play on the Mac.

For you diehard Mac users, there is a way to get them to work properly.  The answer is a free conversion program called handbrake.  You can download handbrake at the following link:   Download and install the program.  Once you run the program it will ask you for your source file.  Direct it to the location of the .wmv created by Photostory.  You will also need to tell it where you would like the output file to go and what type of file you want it to be.  The output file should go some place that you can find easily, like the desktop.  The best type of file for Mac is an H.264 MP4.  After that, you will need to click the start button on the screen.  Once start is clicked the file conversion will begin.  The conversion is very quick, but time may vary depending on the size of your file.

Handbrake is definitely the best and easiest solution for the Photostory and Mac gap.  It converts perfectly without the use of flip4mac, Adobe Premier, or Windows Media Encoder.  Your finished project will not have any annoying watermarks and it only takes a few clicks.

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