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Reitz High School
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Reflections of Memorial Day

Last Monday was Memorial Day.  For many students across the United States it signals the beginning of summer vacation and for most people it is a day off of work and a time to grill out with friends and family.  Many networks show some classic military movies and cemeteries are spruced up with flowers and decorations on headstones.  All of these things are great, but what is Memorial Day?

Memorial day is a day to remember those that paid the ultimate price for our country.  It is a day to remember those that have lost their lives in battle, so that we can enjoy the freedoms of this country.  Since many men and women have died for our freedoms, it goes to prove that our freedom isn’t free.  Freedom comes with a huge price.  Our freedom was paid for by those that have laid their lives down for something they loved and believed in.

When I see our country’s flag, I know what it represents.  To me it is much more than just a flag.  It is an emblem that those veterans fought for.  It is a symbol that represents the United States and the freedom that we all get to enjoy.  It absolutely makes my blood boil when I see anyone burn, mishandle, stomp on, or tear up our flag.  There are even proper ways to raise, lower, and display our flag.  Here is a site to use if you are ever in doubt:  

When the Pledge of Allegiance is being said, I believe you should stop what you are doing, put your right hand on your heart, and look in the direction of the flag.  I believe when the Star Spangled Banner is playing, you should again stop what you are doing, remove your hat, look toward the flag, and pay attention.  There should be no looking around, talking, laughing, or horsing around during these presentations.  That flag commands some respect.  Many veterans have given their lives so we can be free.  That is what we need to remember. 

I am tired of Americans worrying about who we might offend.  If someone chooses not to say they Pledge or Sing the Star Spangled Banner, then that is part of the freedom that our veterans fought and died for.  They should at least stand up and show some respect.  Our United State motto is “In God We Trust.”  I cannot believe that there is actually talk of taking it off of our currency and removing it from public buildings.  Really?  I don’t know of another country that alters any routines that involve singing a National Anthem or the Religion that their country was founded on because they are afraid of offending someone from another country.

It is time that we stand together and remember what many have died for.  Not just on Memorial Day, but every day. 

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  1. Memorial day of the year to remember! It is not enough. I am proud of my family who have served this country in war and peace. Thank you...

    Dad - Thomas Bibb - WWII and Korea
    Brother - John Steven Bibb - Desert Storm and Desert Shield
    Granddads - Forest Bibb and Russell Francis - WWI
    Uncles - Edgar Francis, Charles Dame, and Marion Cook - WWII