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Reitz High School
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Need Digital Resources for Your Classroom?


Tim Wilhelmus
I have seen several compilations of teacher resources around the web.  Some of them are wonderful, but one in particular stands out from all of the rest.  This work just happens to belong to one of my colleagues, Tim Wilhelmus.  I have known and worked with Tim over two years now and I don’t know of another person that is more dedicated to helping educators with digital transformation.  He has spent a tremendous amount of effort putting together resources that are easy to browse through by category.  This is an awesome list and hope you find some useful tools for what you need.  If you find that some of these tools are exemplary, please let Tim or me know how you are using it.

 Here is a link to Tim’s blog post that will tell you about the tools and give you links to each category.  Enjoy!

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