Reitz High School

Reitz High School
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Friday, February 15, 2013

One Way Street Blogging

              I would like to begin by saying this is not a gripe session.  I am just expressing my feelings about my blog.  I started this blog in October and have been very consistent by getting out an article each week.  I really enjoy writing the articles and am very excited about the stats that show me how many views they get and how many different countries from around the world are reading them.  Many times in my articles I ask for feedback or answers to a particular question.  This is the part that is somewhat frustrating.  I am not getting any comments in the comment section. 

Now, I am guilty of reading blogs and not leaving any comments as well.  I have good intentions, but after I have read it and closed it, I don’t usually go back and leave that intended comment.  I am not expecting everyone to make a comment, but a few once in a while would be awesome.  Maybe my articles need improvement.  Don’t hesitate to tell me that.  I want my blog to be a good one and one that people enjoy reading and can learn from, from time to time.

            Regardless of the reason, sometimes it feels like I am talking to myself.  I am not looking for huge, profound solutions and answers to my questions.  I would love to have just a short statement or two.  Even if it is to say, that you have thought about what I am speaking of before and do not have a remedy at the moment.  At least I would know that my readers are actually reading my posts.  Please feel free to ask me some questions as well.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Some of you leave comments on Facebook.  That is perfectly fine, but they don’t show up on the actual blog, so it appears that no one is making any comments at all.

            I want to thank all of my readers.  If this is the first time you have read this blog, please go into the archives and check out some articles of weeks passed.  Please give me a little feedback once in a while.  I would really, really appreciate it.  Happy Valentines Day and Presidents Day.

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  1. Nice topic. I have noticed the views far outnumber the comments on the blogs that I like to read. I find it difficult to share my thoughts freely with others and wonder how many readers have this same problem. Like you, I start to comment but never get around to posting it. What would get you to post comments on a blog? Why did I decide to comment on this topic?