Reitz High School

Reitz High School
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

If You Only Knew What You Know Now


            I could not sleep the other night, so I started channel surfing and ended up stopping on a movie that I had never seen before.  The movie was titled Touchback.  It was about a high school quarterback that led his team to the Ohio State Championship and ended up getting hurt in the championship game.  Because of his knee injury he lost his scholarship to Ohio State University and his cheerleader girlfriend left him to go on to college and marry his best friend.  The injured quarterback ended up staying in his small town; he married a girl from the band that was a wonderful wife to him.  They had two children; he became a farmer and a volunteer fireman.  This was a far cry from the way he pictured his life.  While picking beans, he breaks his combine by hitting a piece of wood in his field.  He fears his crop is going to be lost along with his farm and the respect of his family.  He then sticks a rag in the tailpipe of his pickup truck, sits in the cab while the exhaust begins to appear all around him he passes out.  

            The very next scene is his best friend banging on his truck window.  He immediately discovers that he is back in high school the week before the big game.  The only difference is, is that he remembers everything about how his life was before he has been given this second chance.  He is much nicer to people he obviously mistreated the first time around.  He also pays less attention to his cheerleader girlfriend and seeks out his wife from the band.  He did make his life better by the way he treated people, but no matter how hard he tried, the outcome of his injury ended up the same.  At the movie’s end, he wakes up in his truck where he tried to take his life.  The truck had run out of gas and didn’t put enough carbon monoxide in the cab to kill him; it only had knocked him out.  However, all of the changes he made during his second chance had really taken place.  He made his way back to the bean field to find all of his friends and practically the entire town helping him by picking his bean crop by hand.  He is overcome with emotion and realizes his life is really pretty good.

            That got me to thinking about how I might do things different if I were given a second chance.  I would love to go back and treat people better than I did when I was in high school.  I would have saved and invested more money by getting on the Dave Ramsey plan before I hit twenty.  It would have been awesome to know the stocks I would have invested in for example, Intel, Microsoft, and Apple just to name a few.  I would have made much more mature decisions regarding buying a car or two that I would have been better off without.  I would have eaten better and would never have stopped exercising.  I love the job I am doing now and probably would have made a move toward getting this position sooner.  I totally would have married the same girl all over again for sure.  I generally would have had more patience with people and would have been much slower to anger about things.  Most of the things in life are not worth worrying or getting upset about.  In fact, most of the things I worried about never even happened. 

            Think about it.  If you could go back to a point in your life, would you change it?  What would you have done differently?  Would it have made a difference?  How would your life be different?  Please share your story. 

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