Reitz High School

Reitz High School
Evansville, IN

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Be Positive and Tolerant

           This post doesn’t have much to do with eLearning, but applies to all of our daily lives.  Lately, I almost hate to read headlines or watch the news.  It now seems like every week someone has lost their mind and there is a fight, a shooting, and now some countries have missiles pointed at us.  I know the Bible says times are going to get like this, but I still don’t understand it and feel it is so unnecessary. What are people thinking and what has changed that people feel they can or should go out and commit these crazy acts?  Just like the old Waylon Jennings song says, we need to get back to the basics of life.   

            This last Wednesday was a scary day for me.  In 24 hours I witnessed an awful car accident in which I called 911 and reported it.  It could have been me if I had been a few seconds earlier.  Then my daughter’s high school had a threat on Facebook that mentioned the Sandyhook tragedy and caused them to go into a lockdown for over an hour.  I held my breath the entire time.  Everything turned out OK, but my life could have change forever in that situation as well.  It really got me to thinking.  I need to start living my life and treating people the way I want them to really remember me.  Live each day like it is your last.  Just don’t spend all of your money just in case it isn’t.
            There is too much time spent between people bickering and arguing over things that really don’t amount to a hill of beans when it comes down to it.  As a person, I want to stop seeing the negative things in people and try seeing more of the positive.  When you think of it, there is at least one positive thing about most folks you know.  That needs to be our focus.  Be tolerant of others and try to see things from their perspective.  Everyone that does not think exactly like you is not an idiot.  In fact, it would be a very boring world if everyone thought exactly as I do.

            I have always told my students.  Be careful about how you treat your peers.  The people you sit next to in your classes right now will someday be your neighbor, your waiter, your chef at your favorite restaurant, your nurse, your bank teller, and even your boss.  They may not remember any great thing you did on the football field or the basketball court, but they will remember how you treated them.  Do you want someone that you ridiculed and made fun of fixing your food or handling your money?  That question really gets them thinking.

I also want to try to do more good deeds for the people in need.  I am blessed way more than I deserve and need to pay it forward.  If everyone would just put forth a little effort to be more positive and tolerant, things would turn around.  This would be a wonderful world to live in.  Lets try it, what do you say?

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